Directory Listing Services

Directory Listing Services

Listing your company with Online Directories from GegoSoft SEO Consulting Club professionally permits search engines to identify and legitimize your company from reputable sources. It also gain your company with more credibility, while offering fast and simple access to your company’s present contact detail from multiple online directory resources.

What to Look for Directory Listing Services from GegoSoft SEO Consulting Club and Importance of Directory Listings for Entrepreneurs

  • Primarily Advertises your business
  • Builds good brand image
  • Connects you better with customers
  • Enhances your business
  • Inexpensive publicity
  • Rank higher than any page on your website
  • Inexpensive Form of Advertising
  • Better Search Engine Ranking
  • Link popularity
  • Indexing of pages and posts
  • Will drive more traffic to your site
  • Improve keyword relevancy

Directory Listing Services

How to collect Niche directories on Google for Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs must utilize the following queries on Google to find the niche directories

  • “Keyword” intitle:“directory”
  • “Keyword” intitle:“directory” “submit”
  • “Keyword” intitle:“submit URL”
  • “Keyword” intitle:“submit *review”
  • “Keyword” inurl:“directory”
  • “Keyword” inurl:“directory” “submit”
  • “Keyword” intitle:“Submit a site”
  • “Keyword” intitle:directory inurl:php (for instant submission directories)

Entrepreneurs must use the following queries to find niche specific local directories

  • “keyword” inurl:”directory” “add business” “city name”
  • “keyword” inurl:”directory” “submit url” “city name”
  • “keyword” inurl:”directory” “add url” “city name”