As you might have noticed over short period of time everyone started to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. The migration was not so easy but all the effort has actually paid off.

One has to go through many processes with no damage done to their rankings and organic traffic. And presently all has settled after the migration, it would assist those of SEOs who aren’t wishing to start migrating from HTTP to HTTPS.

Short intro for those beginners to HTTPS:

Primarily HTTPS would be a protocol for secure communication between a user and a website. It makes difficult on the details that you send and receive over the Internet. Should people bother if they have a website and it runs on HTTP? The reply is “yes”.  For the longer version it actually unfolds into two key points respectively as

  • HTTPS offers more security and thus providing good user experience for website visitors;
  • All SEOs trust that it would benefits keyword rankings;

Presently Google is planning latest trick to make users eventually migrate. Here is example for that:

From the end of January with Chrome 56, Chrome would actually mark HTTP sites which collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure.

Switching a website to HTTPS has hefty work, and if performed wrong, it could become SEO disaster.

There are lot of SEO-related news feeds where one could come across sad stories about people losing keyword positions, traffic, business, and eventually migrated to HTTPS.

Some good and bad news for people to migrate HTTPS:

  • People would inevitably lose some of your positions and traffic during the HTTPS migration;
  • Primarily they would restore in 1-2 weeks, provided they follow all the migration top practices.

Actually there are three rules which everyone should follow when people are about to upload key website changes to the server:

  • Do not implement vital changes to the production server on Friday
  • One must never make key changes to the production server on Friday
  • One should make sure of their robots.txt that doesn’t block the content which normally is available to search engines

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