Negative SEO would be set of activities focused at decreasing global competitor’s site rankings in search engines results. The activities might comprise like knowingly building spammy, unnatural links to the site, content scraping, and even more hacking the site also. It is best to look at the various kinds of negative SEO in a moment.

Everyone talk about negative Off-page SEO which actually targets the site without internally interfering with it in any way. Most precisely it also implies manipulating with the site’s backlinks or externally duplicating its content. The major negative SEO technique would be certainly falsifying duplicate content. It wholly comprises scraping your site’s content and copying it to other respective websites, considerably multiple times, few times even as part of the link farms.

Everyone knows that Google’s Panda update was professionally designed to detect and fight content duplication. If in case Google finds content which is wholly duplicated across multiple sites, they would normally pick only one version to rank. They would definitely hope that Google is good enough to identify the original source of the content, and in all cases they are.

Moreover the scrapers often naturally copy new content and repost it right away. If Google actively finds the stolen version first, then it might de-rank your site, and rank the scraper site instead. The users can use several quality tools which are designed to assist you stay safe from scrapers. Most popularly would be using best tool called Copyscape. All global users require to do is just enter the URL of your content to search out if there are any duplicates of it online.

If people utilize a tool like Awario, they probably tend to develop alerts for your posts URLs and titles. To also find for scraped versions of your content, all global users require doing is add another keyword an accurate extract from your post. Primarily they must be few sentences long.

You can surround the piece with double quotes to make sure people are finding for an exact match. By this quality setup, the app is going to search for both mentions of your original article like respective shares, links and the scraped versions of the content found on other sites. After finding the scraped content then they contact the webmaster asking them to remove the piece.

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