It is more often heard that content quality comes up more in the SEO context. So actively focusing on content quality was underutilized SEO tactic for many of us. Moreover the low value content would be one of major causes of manual and algorithmic Google penalties, primarily issued by Google Panda.

Recently Panda introduced as special filter which was professionally designed to de-rank low quality content, and since 2016, they are actual part of the search engine’s core ranking algorithm. This actually means that Panda updates are now qualitatively rolled out faster and regularly than ever before, with more sites largely affected by the update.

To avoid the Panda effects here are the vital steps to audit your content against poor quality and wisely fix the issues you find. It is everyone question that How does Panda work?

The Panda algorithm is wisely designed to assist Google in improving the quality of search results by actively down-ranking low quality content. The main principle here would be that Google primarily assigns specific quality score to each website in their index. The score is wholly assigned site-wide, not to separate pages.

Panda effectively functioned as a filter applied to a pack of search results which Google considered relevant to a search query. Later Panda score was actually re-ordering them, widely pushing down the low-scorers, and offering a boost to the highest scored content. Now presently as Panda signals are highly baked into Google’s core ranking algorithm, they no longer re-order the results, but actually form them together with Google’s other ranking signals.

Important steps to a Panda-proof content audit

  • Actively crawl your website to get a full list of its pages
  • Better to check for thin content
  • Best to check for duplicated/very similar content
  • Good to check for aggregated content/plagiarism
  • Qualitatively check for proper keyword usage
  • Key to check for user engagement metrics

What other things to check?

  • Always to check for user-generated content issues.
  • Vital to check for grammar mistakes.
  • Important to check for intrusive ads.

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